Yemen Conflict: Conflict, terror & humanitarian concerns

In one of its very first policy moves in the Middle East, the Biden Administration focused on war-torn Yemen from two directions. It announced an end to supplying Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E arms used in their offensive campaigns against the Houthis, helping them only to defend against Houthi attacks on their homelands and shipping in the Gulf of Aden and in the approaches to the Red Sea. And it revoked part of the Trump Administration measures against the Houthis, by distinguishing between the organization as a whole, which will now be exempt from sanctions, and various leaders, who will remain on the forbidden list. The rationale is the same - concern about the humanitarian crisis for Yemeni civilians. What does it all portend for Yemen, and is there a more lesson to be learned from it regarding Biden’s regional policies?

Guests Dr. Nir Boms, Research fellow, Moshe Dayan center at Tel Aviv University, Dr. Eran Lerman, Vice President of the Jerusalem Institute of Strategy and Security and a Lecturer at Shalem College, Jerusalem and Amir Oren.

Jerusalem Studio

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