Israel vs Iran; tensions on the rise

Israel and Iran do not have a common land border, which means that a sudden massive invasion by ground forces against each other’s territory is impossible. But on all other dimensions of their hostility, in countries adjacent to Israel or deep inside Iran, on the high seas and in the invisible worlds of Cyber and Intelligence, there is constant activity. Among the latest developments - an attack in the Gulf of Onan on a ship owned by an Israeli businessman and a strike against Iranian targets in Syria. Do these actions portend further escalation, and are they independent of the diplomatic maneuvers in the relationship between the Biden Administration and the Khamenei regime?

Guests Brigadier General (Res.) Yossi Kuperwasser – Project Director on Middle East Developments, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, also Joining us from the UK is Colonel Richard Kemp, former British infantry commander and head of international terrorism intelligence team at the British Cabinet Office, and Amir Oren.

Jerusalem Studio

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