Is the MidEast heading toward a nuclear arms race?

Next month will mark the fifty first anniversary of the non-proliferation treaty, the NPT, coming into force. Only five nations in the world are not members of this voluntary regime, which involves obligations and benefits. But despite signing and ratifying the treaty, interests and ambitions of governments and individuals keep driving some countries to aim for nuclear weapons. It’s a nightmare domino theory - if Iran gets the bomb, it would soon have company in Turkey, in Saudi Arabia, in Egypt, in the United Arab Emirates. So what is the state of this race? Are the others just watching Tehran and waiting for a cue, or do Riyadh and Ankara among regional capitals working on their own private schedules?

Guest Olli Heinonen Former Deputy General IAEA and a Distinguished fellow, Stimson center, Washington DC. Also joining us from Jerusalem are Dr. Nir Boms, Research fellow, Moshe Dayan center at Tel Aviv University and Amir Oren.

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