The foundation for the actions of Heaven TV7 is the word of God. Our channel is following Jesus’ great commission (Mt. 28:16-20) to preach the gospel to the nations. We affirm by what we are doing that the death of Christ on the cross has opened a way to God for all people (Ephesians 2:17-18).

The finances of our channel are grounded in Christian ethics and morality (Ex. 20:2-17)

Heaven TV7 is an ecumenical, politically independent network. We wish to operate as an agent for bringing together Christians from various denominations so that they may learn from each other and together be built up (Mt. 22:36-40) into a single body of Christ.



Mirja and Martti Ojares.
Mirja and Martti Ojares.

Greetings from our founder and CEO Martti Ojares:

I want to share with you how we started a Christian TV channel in Finland.

In 2003, God gave a vision to my wife Mirja and I. He wanted us to start a Christian TV station, which we named Heaven TV7.

I had just retired from my position as the Vice President of Sanoma News Oy, the largest newspaper corporation in Finland. The President of Finland had awarded me with an honorary title from my life’s work in communication and media, and all I expected from the future was retirement.

But God had a different plan. My long career had been just the start in his greater plan. We launched the channel on December 15th, 2003.

In the early years of TV7, our vision was all we had. We didn’t have experience from running a TV channel and we didn’t have any money. In addition, we were surrounded by a secular nation and an increasingly liberal state church.

Nevertheless, we focused on our vision, not on the challenge we faced. In other words, we needed to rely on God. God taught us what can be accomplished when people walk in faith. Nowadays, our programming can be viewed in all Finnish households either through cable or the Internet.

Three years ago in 2009, we started airing our broadcasts in Estonia, as well. Four years ago, we built a studio in Jerusalem. Our Jerusalem studio sends out three programs: Israel News, Israel Speaks, and Jerusalem Studio. Through these programs, we want to spread the truth about Israel and thereby bless the Jewish people.

TV7 Plus, a channel for the youth, was launched in the spring of 2012. God encouraged me to start a sister channel that we could use to show live on TV how the Holy Spirit works in churches and in events at the Heaven Studio.

TV7 has grown rapidly. The channel produces approximately 50 percent of its programs. At present, our funding is almost entirely based on private donations.

Now more than ever, Christian TV channels are needed, so that the message of the Gospel could reach the ends of the earth. TV7 needs your prayers in order for us to complete the work for which God has called us. I invite you to take part in the work done through our Christian TV station and to support it financially.

See you on the air! May God bless you abundantly!

Martti Ojares,

Founder and CEO

Heaven TV7