Transformations II

Not long ago, alcoholism, sexual abuse, drug addiction, suicide, violence, and civil war were the prevailing descriptors in the nation of Uganda and eastern Canada’s northern Arctic. Things changed dramatically when God’s people took steps to humble themselves and invite His return. Join host George Otis, Jr. as he investigates these modern-day stories and revisits the true transforming nature of historical revivals in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides.

This powerful sequel to Transformations: A Documentary delves into the challenging histories of the nation of Uganda and eastern Canada’s arctic provinces, and visits the scene of a dramatic revival that occurred in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides.

In the first two nations, the devastation wrought by decades of violence, witchcraft, rebellion, civil war, and drug abuse had left a terrible mark. Today, as you travel to the far north of eastern Canada, scores of indigenous communities in this frigid region are experiencing transformation in their families, schools, society and government.

Uganda was a nation crippled by unending war, AIDS, and economic doom. Suffering under violent dictators, believers left their devastated church buildings behind and moved into the swamps and forests to cry out to God for help. Transformations II tells the dramatic story of a nation rising from the ashes as her people return to the Lord. Join believers travailing in all-night prayer meetings, and hear testimony of astonishing church and economic growth; hear the Health Minister verify the “mystery” of the country's plummeting AIDS rate; experience the jubilation as the President and First Lady publicly rededicate the nation to God for 1,000 years.

Finally, travel across the ocean to Scotland’s Outer Hebrides and re-visit the remote islands where God’s transforming presence has returned repeatedly down through the generations. Hear first-hand accounts of how houses shook with prayer, pubs emptied and sailors traveling past the islands on warships fell to their knees under the convicting power of God’s presence.

  • First broadcast: May 14, 2011, TV7 World
  • Duration: 80 min
  • Spoken languages:
  • English
  • Subtitles:
  • Finnish, Estonian