The Last Reformation

A movie that would show how the church is in need for a new reformation.

In August 2014, Torben Søndergaard and filmmaker Lebo Akatio were traveling to the USA for a discipleship training weekend. On the way, they felt God spoke to them to make a movie.
Not just a short movie that would simply show the trip - but a big, feature-length movie.
When they arrived in the USA, they bought the necessary equipment and started the work. During that trip and the trips that followed, they were able to capture impressive miracles and things that had never been shown in any movie before. The message is also quite different from similar movies that are out there. This movie will be part one of a series of three and the work for the second movie has already begun. This movie is special in every way. There was no plan, there was no budget - only a few people and the guidance of God. It is a movie to tell the world about a movement that is going on in our time - now also in the western world. It's a movement of people who have a burning heart for this world. These people see that this dying world needs Jesus Christ, but it's so hard to reach people. They discovered that people made things too complicated a long time ago. They see that if we go back to the gospel, as it was presented in the Book of Acts, we will see the same things happening as in the time of the first disciples.

  • First broadcast: May 21, 2016, TV7 World
  • Duration: 100 min
  • Spoken languages:
  • English
  • Subtitles:
  • Finnish, Swedish, Estonian