The international office of Heaven TV7 is located in Jerusalem, Israel. The office employs around ten people, who produce English-language current events programs. TV7 aims to bring truthful information about Israel to all of its audiences all around the world.

We have three main programs that we broadcast from our studios in Jerusalem. TV7 Israel News is shown every night Monday through Friday. The first broadcast aired in August 2009. This is where you will be able to follow the latest events from Israel and the Middle East.

Another program is Israel puhuu (Israel Speaks), TV7’s current events program, which provides an inside look at life in Israel, the diversity of its population and also the variety of its challenges. We will help you to better understand the political pressures the Israeli leaders are facing, and the religious conflicts the Jews are having with others and among themselves. On the other hand, we want to share optimistic stories from the Holy Land, a land of great blessings. In every episode we will try to show you how God is shining his light on his chosen people. The very first episode of Israel puhuu was shown in May 2008.

Our third and newest program is Jerusalem Studio which is broadcasted currently twice a week from Jerusalem. The aim of this program is to give a better and broader understanding of what we see and hear in the news. We invite guests to our studio who have the knowledge and experience to explain the background of events in the Middle East.

We also have a unique project that lets our viewers support Israel actively by helping students majoring in education at Ohalo college in the town of Katsrin in north Israel. Some students who are unable to pay their fees have to give up their dream, drop out of school and go to work. It is hard for them to understand the generosity of people who they have never met. This is a wonderful testimony for those young Israelis who maybe for the first time in their life meet and talk to a Christian.