Israel At War – Unveiling Iran’s nuclear file, amid regional escalation

One of the casualties of the Israel-Hamas Gaza war has been the effort to block Iran’s path towards Nuclear weapons. Whether through sanctions, threats or diplomacy, the danger of Iran breaking out and within weeks or even days converting its highly enriched Uranium into Nuclear warheads was relegated to the sidelines, with all eyes on the death and destruction caused by the Iranian-backed Islamist Palestinian organizations in a war raging for some six weeks now, with no end in sight and with another Iran-sponsored militia, (namely) Lebanon’s Hezbollah, conducting its own war of attrition with Israel. So has Iran managed to sneak under the watchful gaze of Western intelligence and get closer to its first Nuclear weapons? And how will the IAEA deal with it, as key member-states are siding with opposing combatants in the Mideast War?

Joining us from New York City; Dr. Olli Heinonen, Former International Atomic Energy Agency Deputy Director General and a Distinguished Fellow, Stimson Center, Washington, D.C.

From Central Israel Col. (Ret.) Dr. Eran Lerman, Co-host TV7 Middle East Review, Powers-in-Play Panelist, JISS VP and Editor in Chief of the Jerusalem Strategic Tribune, and Amir Oren – TV7 Editors at Large.

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