Israel At War - Geo-Strategic Assessment. Part 6

The Gaza War, which started by a barbaric attack on Israeli civilians, has expanded to involve regional actors as well as global powers. The United States has rushed forces, leaders and diplomats to the area. Russia and China responded by anti-American moves in the UN. Egypt, Turkey, Iran and Qatar all have a hand or two in the crisis, with a view both towards its resolution and to their positions once it is over. A Geo-strategic overview of the Mideast is thus in order.

Host Jonathan Hessen.

Col. (Ret) Joel Rayburn, Former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary & Special Envoy for Syria

Dr. Rafael Bardaji, Former Spanish National Security Adviser

Analyst Mr. Amir Oren – TV7 Editors at Large

Jerusalem Studio

The program offers the viewer deeper understanding about current events in Israel. The topics vary from domestic and foreign policy to social changes, archaelogy and religion.

The program is hosted by TV7 Israel News anchor Jonathan Hessen.

  • First broadcast: November 7, 2023, TV7 World
  • Episode number: 809
  • Duration: 30 min
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