The Dynamics Between Protesters To A State

As the decades old conflict between Israel and the Palestinians reaches a new high, with violent protests and attacks against innocent pedestrians taking place in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the West Bank, the political conflict seems to shift towards a new banner – a religious one.

The holiest site in Jerusalem, known to Jews and Christians as the Temple Mount and Muslims as the Haram al Sharif, initiated a new reality – fueling more wood to an already fragile dynamic. Israeli Arabs across the state have gone to the streets in an effort to voice their protest to the government’s policy and in solidarity with their Palestinian brothers. Israel in response, has voiced harsh criticism against the Arab protesters, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu challenging them to move to the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Guests: Dr. Hanna Swaid, Knesset Member from the Hadash Party, and Dr. Einat Wilf, Senior fellow at the Jewish peoples’ policy institute and former Knesset member from the Labor and Atzmaut Parties.

Jerusalem Studio

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