Israel’s Northern Conundrum: Is War with Hezbollah Inevitable?

Israel at War. The current round of Hezbollah’s attack on Israel’s northern border started with the Gaza war and may even end with it, if the Shiite militia leader Hassan Nasrallah is to be believed.

But turning the faucet on and off unilaterally will not satisfy the Israeli government, nor their military and most certainly not all of the displaced residents whose towns and villages have been gutted by missiles or worse. Going back to the status quo just will not be enough, and the upshot may be a war that no party really wants.

Is there the possibility of a peaceful way out of this conundrum? Joining us for the analysis we have:
- Host : Jonathan Hessen
- Editor at Large : Amir Oren : Host of Watchmen Talk and Powers in Play
- MG (Res.) Gershon Ha-Cohen : IDF Army Corps Commander
- Col. (Res.) Dr. Anan Wahabi : Senior Fellow at ICT Reichman University and Lecturer at Haifa University

Jerusalem Studio

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