Iran’s Nuclear Program amid Accelerated Proliferation

Diversion has a double meaning in the current Iranian context. In its nuclear project, Iran is diverting quantities of fissile material to a dangerous level of enrichment, while the global and regional focus on the friction between the Iranian proxies may also serve to divert attention away from this nuclear issue. IAEA Chief Grossi recently voiced his frustration regarding the lack of Iranian cooperation with his agency, saying in mid-January that the Iranian quest for weapon-level material was at a “plateau”, but also warning that this could change any day.

Are the Iranians aiming to climb up from the plateau to the peak, and if so, what would stop them? Joining us to take a closer look into this issue are:

- Host: Jonathan Hessen
- Editor at Large: Amir Oren: Host of Watchmen Talk and Powers in Play
- Dr. Olli Heinonen: former International Atomic Energy Agency Deputy Director General and a Distinguished Fellow at the Stimson Center, Washington DC
- Dr. Michael Doran: Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, Washington DC, and former Senior White House Advisor on the Middle East.

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