Is the Middle East on the verge of a second “Arab Spring”?

It is almost nine years since the first signs of upheaval in the Arab world emerged, starting with Tunisia, and quickly spreading east, to Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. This was the so-called Arab spring, which initially started as a democratic outpouring of popular sentiment, but soon deteriorated into chaos that altered the face of this volatile region.

Guests Dr. Joshua Krasna, Fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security and lecturer on Mideast security at NYU, and Dr. Menahem Merhavy, research fellow, Truman Institute, Hebrew University. Analyst Amir Oren. Host Jonathan Hessen.

Jerusalem Studio

The program offers the viewer deeper understanding about current events in Israel. The topics vary from domestic and foreign policy to social changes, archaelogy and religion.

The program is hosted by TV7 Israel News anchor Jonathan Hessen.

  • First broadcast: December 17, 2019, Taivas TV7
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