Concerns over Israel’s northern front

Israel’s two Palestinian fronts, at its center in Jerusalem and the West Bank and in the Southwest in Gaza, have been relatively quiet over the last two weeks, save for the occasional terror attack or incident; but danger seems to lurk in the North – including in Syria, where Iran proactively seeks to entrench militarily, and Lebanon where the Iranian-proxy Hezbollah is determined to claim its position as the country’s arbiter. Which of the two are more severe – and are we to expect a possible conflict in the near to medium future?

Joining our discussion today - from northern Israel – Major General (Res) Gershon Ha-Cohen, IDF Army Corps Commander. Also joining us from elsewhere in Jerusalem Dr. Nir Boms, Research fellow, Moshe Dayan center at Tel Aviv University. Amir Oren, TV7 Editor at Large, Host of TV7 Watchmen Talk & Powers in Play.

Jerusalem Studio

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