US maximum pressure campaign vs Iran

In about two weeks time, on September 20th, the global sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran which have been lifted five years ago and include conventional arms embargo will snap-back into force, because of an American decision to veto any UN Security Council action to avoid it. This is the latest move in U.S. President Donald Trump’s so-called Maximum Pressure campaign against the Ayatollah regime in Tehran. In defiance of the American move, Iran unveiled domestic-made long-range ballistic and cruise missiles – while separately – it sought-out international support by striking a deal with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Guests Ambassador Danny Ayalon – Israel's Former Deputy Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the United States, and Mr. Meir Javedanfar, Iran lecturer, IDC Herzliya. TV7 Analyst Amir Oren. Host Jonathan Hessen.

Jerusalem Studio

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