Challenges on Israel's southern front with Gaza

For several weeks now, the Gaza-Israel front has been simmering. Balloons strapped with incendiary and explosive devices are set-sailing by Hamas towards Israeli villages, towns and farmlands, sparking numerous daily fires under the scorching-sun and risking lives. In response, Israeli fighterjets, unmanned aerial vehicles and tanks hit Hamas positions near-daily, all-the-while refraining from targeting Islamist militants to avoid a wider-escalation. In tandem; Mediators from Egypt and Qatar have not yet succeeded in resuming the ceasefire. What is behind this tension and could it escalate into a full-scale clash?

Guests Col. (Res.) Grisha Yacoubovich, Policy & Strategy Consultant & Analyst, and Dr. Ely Karmon Senior Research Scholar at The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism. TV7 Analyst Amir Oren. Host Jonathan Hessen.

Jerusalem Studio

The program offers the viewer deeper understanding about current events in Israel. The topics vary from domestic and foreign policy to social changes, archaelogy and religion.

The program is hosted by TV7 Israel News anchor Jonathan Hessen.

  • First broadcast: August 28, 2020, Taivas TV7
  • Episode number: 535
  • Duration: 30 min
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