srael’s Strategic Conundrum: From Gaza through Washington to Beirut

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s plane probably flies to the Middle East on autopilot, as Blinken is so frequently commuting to Tel Aviv, Cairo, and Riyadh among other major regional destinations. This time around his focus is on the Biden deal for a prolonged ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, which would result in hostage release but also will let Hamas avoid defeat by the IDF. As Hezbollah clings to its avowed policy of tying its own willingness to stop hostilities along Lebanon’s southern border, Israel’s dilemma is whether to have two ceasefires or none. Joining us to contemplate how the Israeli leadership is to make its way through this maze : Panel: - Host : Jonathan Hessen : Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute - Editor at Large : Amir Oren : Host of Watchmen Talk and Powers in Play - BG (Ret.) Amnon Sofrin : former Mossad Chief of Intelligence - BG (Res.) Yaron Rosen : former IAF Commander and Chief of the IDF Cyber Staff

Jerusalem Studio

The program offers the viewer deeper understanding about current events in Israel. The topics vary from domestic and foreign policy to social changes, archaelogy and religion.

The program is hosted by TV7 Israel News anchor Jonathan Hessen.

  • First broadcast: June 18, 2024, TV7 World
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