Israel-European relations amid global shifts

After its main benefactor, the United States, Israel has traditionally sought to have a solid relationship with Europe, the continent - or at least its Western and Central parts - and the idea, as represented by the European Union. For several decades, the embassy to the EU headquarters In Brussels was considered one of the most senior and coveted posts in the Israeli Foreign Service. But lately, there seems to have been a quiet downgrading in the importance Israel assigns to the European Institution. There is no peace process for the EU to take part in, Britain has exited and China and Russia demand more attention. So what is the state of play in the relationship between Jerusalem and Brussels, where NATO is also headquartered?

Joining us to analyze these issues from central Israel are Amb. Ronny Leshno-Yaar – Israel’s Former Ambassador to NATO, European Union, Mr. Eran Etzion, Former Deputy Head of Israel’s National Security Council, and TV7 Editor at Large Amir Oren.

Jerusalem Studio

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