Blossoming Trees of Spring

When spring came, we went into the Judean mountains to familiarize ourselves with some of the tree species mentioned in the Bible. The almond trees, blossoming in pastel colors, were an astounding contrast against the rugged mountains.

The main guide at Kfar Etzion, Benyamin, tells us about Biblical trees and for example, about the messages spoken about in the Bible through the almond tree. We also met Israel, an interesting religious wine gardener and visited his vineyards in Gush Etzion. Finally, pastor Kalisher provides insight on Biblical tree metaphors from a Messianic point of view

Israel Speaks

Israel Speaks is a documentary program straight from the heart of the world – Jerusalem.

Israel Speaks deals with interesting phenomena, touching and even painful events, as well as people's daily lives in a country amidst a lot of pressure and tension.

  • First broadcast: March 29, 2014, Taevas TV7
  • Episode number: 210
  • Duration: 30 min
  • Spoken languages:
  • English, Finnish, Hebrew
  • Subtitles:
  • Finnish, Estonian, English, Swedish