Time for unity

Every nation is offered its own unique relationship to Israel. During the 100 days of the Global Prayer Call, many nations were awakened to pray for the relationship of Israel and their nation.

The Global Prayer Call also gave a foretaste of what it can be like when nations together start to find their place in relation to Israel. God confirmed that a new season had begun through signs and miracles.

Wind of the Kingdom

This program reports events and phenomena connected with the return of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. Israel is the self-evident centre of the events, and Jerusalem is the place of His coming. The Holy Spirit is preparing the bride for the wedding feast of the Lamb and the nations for the judgment. The series is produced in Israel by Ari and Mia Valkeakari.

  • First broadcast: October 8, 2015, Taivas TV7
  • Episode number: 25
  • Duration: 30 min
  • Spoken languages:
  • English, Finnish, Hebrew
  • Subtitles:
  • Finnish, English, Estonian, Swedish