Sid Roth brings surprising revelation on the End Times from the book in the Bible that explains what is going on in the Last Days. Hint, it's not the Book of Revelation!

I invite you to read what some of the best prophecy scholars and teachers reveal about the times in which we live. — Sid Roth

It's Supernatural!

The program by Sid Roth challenges the secular media which ignores the supernatural.

However, many peope have supernatural experiences. Sid Roth invites to his program people whom God has touched supernaturally.

Sid Roth is a messianic Jew and has himself encountered Jesus of Nazareth supernaturally in the year 1972.

  • First broadcast: December 18, 2015, Taivas TV7
  • Episode number: 475
  • Duration: 30 min
  • Spoken languages:
  • English
  • Subtitles:
  • Finnish, Estonian, Swedish