Iran’s nuclear progress amid talks in Vienna

The Seventh round of talks between an outsized Iranian delegation and those of six smaller ones representing Europe, China and Russia resumed earlier this week, with the American envoys in touch through the non-Iranian partners to the 2015 Nuclear deal. There are at least two levels to this round, the first one held during the Presidency of Ebrahim Raisi. In addition to what goes on in the negotiating room, with the exchanges of written drafts and spoken comments, there is the public soundtrack of claims and announcements by officials and media reports based on briefings by several parties. One of the main topics is Iran’s methodical climb up the enriched Uranium ladder, suggesting an ominous but not imminent narrowing of the gap towards weapon-grade fissile material. How advanced is this progress, and what does it mean in practical terms should the Iranian leadership decide to race towards Nuclear weapons?

Guests Dr. Olli Heinonen Former Deputy Director General IAEA and a Distinguished fellow, Stimson center, Washington DC, Mr. Jason Brodsky, Policy Director at United Against Nuclear Iran and Amir Oren TV7 Editor at large and host of Watchmen Talk and Powers in Play. Host Jonathan Hessen.

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